Auto-Pause is a feature that, when enabled, kicks in after 30 seconds of inactivity or when a user is moving less than 2.5 mph. Your workout time will be paused, however, the app will continue tracking your distance (using GPS) while the app is paused. There is no way to avoid this, unfortunately. For this reason, Auto-Pause will not allow users to work out in one place, pause their workout and drive to another location, then resume their workout. The distance driven will be included in the total distance for the workout.
This feature can be useful when you need to stop for a quick break or for an extended stay at traffic lights, but is not intended for activities where you expect to stop frequently. If this affects your workout time negatively, the best option would be to turn Auto-Pause off.
To turn disable/enable Auto-Pause, navigate to the app's Settings or the Workout Set up page.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center, or submit a support request here.
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