Polar reintegration overdue?

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    Thanks for the feedback, David! We are working to build out a new integration with Polar Flow, but do not have a timeline for when this work will be completed.

    We will update this post with any developments that come! 

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  • Timm Burns

    Been a Polar user for 10 years. When it stopped working I waited impatiently for mapmyrun to get it reintegrated, apparently polar doesn't have a bit enough customer base for mapmyrun to bother.  Almost didn't sign back up this year, but figured I'd give them another few months before I move on to a different app that supports my monitor.

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  • Bart Hammer

    Hi there, I'm very interested in this topic as I'm a Polar user as well. over the last years I use the Endomondo app (paid version) which I liked a lot. As yo might know Endomondo was purchased by UA a while ago and this week it was announced that UA will stop all Endomondo activities by the end of this year! they promise a easy step over to MapMyRun but now I'm looking at it the most important feature for me is not working any more, the integration of my Polar watch. I'm not sure if I'm correct but is looks like both Polar and Endomondo are more common in Europe as they are in the US, that might be the reason why UA was not yet focused on this integration, however with shutting down Endomondo they have to hurry up with the Polar flow integration because otherwise I think they will loose a lot of the current Endomondo users.



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