Comments on a Post

Adding Comments

There are two ways to add comments on an Activity Feed post:

  • Activity Feed: From your Activity Feed you can add comments directly to posts by tapping the speech bubble icon, typing your messaging, and tapping "post."
  • Workouts: Once a friend finishes a workout, if your push notifications are turned on, you will have the ability to like or comment directly on their workout by tapping on the push notification. This comment will be attached to the specific workout and available for viewing in the future. If you're viewing a friend's workout on our website, you can scroll to the bottom to type and post a comment.

Viewing Comments

Comments on your workouts are accessible in two ways:

  • Activity Feed: All comments on a workout can be seen via the Activity Feed post.
  • Workout Details: From your workout list, you can select any workout to view the Workout Details page. All comments will be present at the bottom.

Deleting Comments

If you are the owner of a workout and someone has posted a comment that you wish to delete, you may do so by swiping from right to left on the comment (iOS), or by long pressing on the comment (Android), at which point an option to delete will appear. Tap to delete the comment, and it will be permanently removed from your workout and Activity Feed post.


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