Facebook Troubleshooting

We offer the ability to connect MapMy accounts to Facebook profiles for quicker login and more sharing options. For any issues with social posting, please follow both the troubleshooting instructions completely to enable/disable all posting. Disconnecting and reconnecting should fix most problems. 

Mobile App (iOS)

Integrating your MapMy app with Facebook differs a little between iOS 10 and iOS 11. Find out which Operating System you're using by going to your Settings app > General > About and then scrolling down to "Version." There, you should be able to see if you're using iOS 10 or 11. 

iOS 11

For iOS 11 users, open the MapMy app you want to connect to Facebook and select "Settings" from the menu. From there, scroll down and tap "Facebook Posting." This will take you to a connection page. 

Image-1.jpg   Image-2.jpg

From here, tap "Connect." You will then be prompted to log in to your Facebook account to authenticate the connection. The screen should look something like the image below.


Once you authenticate with Facebook, the apps should be connected and you will then be able to share your workouts and posts from MapMy to your Facebook page.

iOS 10

For iOS 10 users, access your phone's Settings and visit either the Facebook or Twitter sections shown below. Both the Facebook and Twitter areas will have a toggle for the MapMy app installed on your phone. If this is turned off, you will be unable to post to either social network, and may receive an "authentication" prompt when attempting to share.


Next, open the MapMy app and enter its settings from the menu. There are Facebook and Twitter options here as well. If you sign into Facebook from this area you will be able to use Facebook as a quick login option.



How do I prevent MapMy from posting to Facebook?

To remove any MapMy app connections from Facebook, you'll need to access Facebook's App Settings. Locate the App and click the "X" next to it to remove it. This will prevent any information from being shared between the two apps, and will disable the posting of workouts to Facebook.

What if the MapMy app tells me I need to verify my Facebook password in my phone's settings?

If you are prompted to verify your Facebook password and are running iOS 11, please disregard the prompt. Instead, please uninstall / reinstall your MapMy app and then re-attempt connecting to Facebook. This should result in a connection. 

How can I share my workout to a Group or Event page on Facebook?

Sharing to Facebook Groups and Facebook Event Pages other than your personal profile page is not a feature we offer at this time. You can always copy and paste your workout link to the Facebook Page to share it though!

How can I control who sees my workout when I share it to Facebook?

Please be aware that sharing workouts and routes shares this information with everyone allowed to see your posts on Facebook, there is no option to turn this off. You can ensure your workout or route's complete privacy by editing your privacy and map privacy settings on the site. You can find out more about privacy settings here.

Can I share a workout to Facebook from MapMy if I imported it from a third party, such as Garmin or Polar?

Sharing imported workouts is not a feature that we offer at this time.


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