Facebook Troubleshooting

We offer the ability to connect MapMy accounts to Facebook profiles for quicker login and more sharing options. For any issues with social posting, please follow both the web and app troubleshooting instructions completely to enable/disable all posting. Disconnecting and reconnecting should fix most problems.



1. Login to your account on the website and visit your social connection settings.

2. Here you can choose to connect a Facebook or Twitter account, and enable or disable the auto posting of workouts. If Workout Autosharing is enabled, workouts will post to your timeline automatically. To prevent this, turn off the feature by clicking the "Disable Autoshare" button.


3. If workouts post without your permission, disconnect and reconnect your MapMy account from the social connection settings. This may mean your Facebook Autoshare option needs to be disabled. 

4. Remove any MapMy app connections from Facebook's App Settings. Locate the App and click the "X" next to it to remove it.

Mobile App (iOS)

For iOS users, access your phone's Settings and visit either the Facebook or Twitter sections shown below. Both the Facebook and Twitter areas will have a toggle for the MapMy app installed on your phone. If this is turned off, you will be unable to post to either social network, and may receive an "authentication" prompt when attempting to share.


Next, open the MapMy app and enter its settings from the menu. There are Facebook and Twitter options here as well. If you sign into Facebook from this area you will be able to use Facebook as a quick login option.


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