Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a great place to quickly view and access your own workouts, as well as those of your friends and other members of the MapMy community. You can interact with friends and community members by liking and leaving comments on one another's Activity Feed posts.

Mobile App

To view the Activity Feed on the mobile app, tap the "Feed" icon at the bottom left of the Start Workout screen (iOS), or navigate to the app menu and select "Activity Feed" (Android). You can view content from the community, your friends, or yourself by tapping through the tabs at the top.

 iOS                                                            Android 

Photo_Oct_25__1_12_59_PM.png    Activity_Feed_Android.png

Tap a friend’s post to view detailed information about their workout, cheer them on by tapping the speech bubble to leave a comment, or like an activity by tapping the heart icon. 

The visibility of each post is dependent on one's privacy preferences. The author of a post can edit its privacy by tapping on the sharing icon in the upper right.

 iOS                                                            Android 

Photo_Oct_25__1_27_35_PM.png    Screenshot_2017-10-25-14-27-59.png

You can delete a post by tapping the icon with three dots in the bottom right corner of the post.  


On the website, the Feed can be accessed by logging in to our website and clicking on the MapMyFitness logo at the top of the page. Here, you'll have the option to tab between the Activity Feed, Dashboard, and 24/7 tabs. Additionally, you can select "Friends" or "Me" from the dropdown menu. Please note that the Community Feed is not accessible on our website at this time.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center, or submit a support request here.  

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