Adding Photos

Adding photos to your workout is a wonderful way to share your adventures with your friends! 

Adding A Photo

For iOS users, once you've completed your workout, tap the camera icon and select from the two options. If you select "Choose From Library" then simply tap the picture you'd like to share from your camera roll. If you choose to "Take Photo" just snap your photo and select "Use Photo."

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For Android users, once you've completed your workout, tap the pictures icon at the bottom left and choose from the two options. If you choose "Photo Gallery," you must first choose a source, then select your image by tapping it. If you chose to "Take Photo," just snap your photo and it will be added to your post.

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Remove A Photo

To remove/delete the photo you added to your post, tap the "x" located on the picture before saving.

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Note: once the post has been published, you cannot edit it. You'll have to delete the entire post (which will delete your workout) in order to remove the photo. A good alternative would be to edit the privacy setting of the post to "Only Me" so that you preserve your workout.

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