Training Dashboard


To access the training dashboard:

  • On iOS: tap the "Training" icon to the right of the blue + sign on the "Track Workout" screen.
  • On Android: open the app's Menu by tapping the icon with three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of the app, then select "Dashboard" from the list.


Scrolling up and down on this tab will give you access to the following information:

Weekly Goals

Tapping the left and right arrows will give you the ability to view your goal progress for previous weeks. To directly change your goals from this screen, tap the "Manage Goals" button below the weekly totals.

Intensity (MVP Only)

Below Weekly Goals will be the intensity section. If you wore a heart rate monitor for any recorded workout, it will display the amount of time you spend in each Heart Rate Zone. Tapping the left and right arrows give you the ability to view intensity data for previous weeks. Tapping "Calibrate Heart Rate Zones" gives you the ability to directly change your heart rate zones. You can read more about heart rate zone analysis here.

Connected Gear

This section gives you the ability to quickly connect any of your UA Connected Devices. You can read more about how to connect UA connected devices here.

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