Running With Your Phone

If you elect to run with your UA Connected Footwear and a companion MapMy app, such as MapMyRun, you'll receive additional stats that can help improve your overall performance. 

Stats recorded when running with UA Connected Footwear and your MapMy app include:

  • Map/route
  • Elevation
  • Cadence
  • Stride length*
  • Real time pace from shoe sensor + average pace
  • Start/stop time
  • Duration
  • Splits

*only available with HOVR Phantom and Sonic shoe models.

How to Run with Your UA Connected Footwear + MapMy App

To start a run using the shoes and app, open your MapMy app, and make sure the Track Workout screen has a red bar across the top and check mark next to the shoe icon.

connected_ios.png  connected_android.png

If your Track Workout screen is missing either of those indicators, that means your shoes are not connected. Follow the tips outlined here to reconnect your shoes to the app.

Make sure that the correct activity type is selected prior to beginning your workout. The shoes are meant to record any type of run (indoor or outdoor); however, you'll need to select "Treadmill Run," for example, in order for indoor workouts to be recorded properly.

To change activity types, tap the gear icon in the upper right > tap "See More Activities" > tap "All" > tap the search bar > type your desired activity type and tap to select it. Note that this will remain your activity type for future workouts until changed by you.

Viewing Workouts

You can view a list of your workouts on our mobile application by opening the MapMy app and accessing your Training Dashboard or Activity Feed. 

On iOS, tap the "Training" icon in the bottom navigation bar. On Android, open the app's Menu by tapping the icon with three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of the app, then select "Dashboard" from the list.

iOS                                                      Android

training_ios.png    Screenshot_2017-11-22-09-52-12.png

From the Dashboard, tab over to your Workouts list. All workouts recorded with your smart shoes will have a red shoe icon. Tap on a workout to view details. 

IMG_3868.PNG  Screenshot_20180116-095107.png

Scroll down to see the full workout details.

Screenshot_2017-11-15_15.04.03.png  Screenshot_2017-11-15_15.04.31.png

Tap the "Show All Data" button to view additional data, such as elevation, pace vs. elevation, and cadence vs. elevation graphs. Heart rate graphs will also appear here, if recorded with the use of an external heart rate monitor.



For additional questions or concerns, check out our FAQs on the UA Connected Footwear, or submit a support request here. Happy trails!

What is cadence and what does it measure? 

Cadence measures steps per minute, or how often your feet hit the ground. There is no one right cadence, but generally less experienced runners have a cadence that's too low. For more information about cadence, please read our blog article found here.

What is stride length and what does it measure?

Your stride length is the distance between two consecutive steps of the same foot. Tracing your stride length can keep you from "overstriding," which is often linked to injury. Most beginner runners have a stride length that's too long.

Can I run without my phone? 

Yes, but the workout will not have a map of your route or any cadence data. To learn more about how to run untethered, check out our Help Center article on Running Without Your Phone.


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