MVP Membership - FAQ

What is the MVP membership from MapMyFitness?
MVP is a mobile and web subscription package that will change the way you work out and offer new feature rich tools on both your mobile phone and online to help track, monitor and share your fitness progress. This is a subscription service that can be bought monthly or annually. 
What new features will be included in the MVP subscription? 
To see an explanation of the MVP features you have access to with the subscription membership, visit our help article Features Included in MVP.

Where can I sign up to become an MVP?
Please sign up here to upgrade to the MVP subscriptions, or purchase directly within the mobile application in the “upgrade to MVP” section. If you have a coupon code it can only be used on the website and cannot be used on the app store's MVP upgrade process.

Do I have to download a new app after purchasing MVP?
No. After you have upgraded to MVP simply log in with your account information and the app will be upgraded. If you are having immediate problems, try logging out and then logging back in to the app.
Is the MVP offering only available on the iOS platform?
No! MVP features for iOS and Android devices include Interval Training, Live Tracking, Mobile Coaching, Leaderboard filters by age group (mobile and web), custom splits (mobile and web) and an ad free experience.

What are the price points for the MVP subscription? 
The MVP subscription package will be $29.99/yr. OR $5.99/mo. for a comprehensive web and mobile experience.
How will the consumer experience change with this new offering? 
As an MVP subscriber, you will have unlimited functionality on both the mobile and web platforms. Our goal is help you utilize all of our tools holistically to ensure your health and fitness stays on track. The subscription experience will unlock advanced functionality on the mobile app, with new graphs and charts. This offering also allows for even more engagement on the web, including advanced mapping tools and comprehensive workout details.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center or submit a support request here.
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