Features Included in MVP

Get better faster with MapMy's MVP features. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your workout routine to the next level, these features were built to help you stay on track, access more insights, and focus on your goals. Start training like an MVP.

Never get bored with the same routine. Route Genius lets you explore and save routes based on your location, selected activity type, and preferred distance.
Looking for more options to measure your workouts? Now you can divide workout splits by additional distances. Choose from different split distances for a more tailored workout report (from .1 mile to 10 mile split options) or use our Segment Highlighter to find the stats for a specific portion of your workout.
It’s not always about being the fastest. Whether your fitness goal is weight loss, maximizing performance or improving your overall health, heart rate training is the most effective way to track your intensity during a workout. As an MVP, you can connect a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate zones, WILLpower, and average intensity for every workout. Need a heart rate monitor to get started? Check out the UA Heart Rate monitor included in UA HealthBox.
Train for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Marathon and fly through the finish line with confidence. Every plan is built to fit your unique goals. We use your current running pace and average weekly miles to create a completely custom plan to fit your running level and schedule.
It’s like a coach inside your ear. Meet your goals on every run, ride, or walk with real-time audio feedback that keeps you moving at your target pace and distance.
Keep your friends and family close with Live Tracking. Whether you’re on the move around the neighborhood or during a race, Live Tracking lets you share your exact location and route with other MapMy members.
When you purchase a pair of UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped running shoes, you’ll be able to view detailed cadence analysis. You can use this cadence data to help improve your running efficiency and speed.
You can view detailed information about the weather conditions during your workout.
All the features, none of the distractions. Go ad-free.
Your data goes where you go. Export workouts into an .xml format.
And more
Unlimited printed maps, advanced leaderboard filters, and advanced mapping tools. Ready to get to work? Take your training to the next level with UA MapMyRun MVP. Upgrade today to get the most out of your next workout!
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