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We offer two ways to change your privacy settings. If you are sharing or logging a workout on the mobile app, please ensure your Privacy settings are to your liking before sharing any workouts. 


To make changes to your privacy settings, go to your app Menu > "Settings" > Under "Communication" select "Privacy." Here you will receive the page that will allow you to change your settings: 

 iOS                                            Android



To make changes to your website Privacy settings, log in to and hover over your avatar in the upper right corner of the page > select "Settings" from dropdown menu > click "Privacy." You can adjust your default settings for your profile, workouts, and routes here. Be sure to click "Save" before navigating to any other pages. Note: it may take a few minutes for changes made on our website to be reflected in the app. To view your changes immediately, you can log out of the app and then log back in.

We understand and value our users' privacy. No matter what, some account information and details will always remain private, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Sleep
  • Home address 

With that in mind, we want to give you the tools to customize who sees your posts and fitness activity. You can change your default profile and workout privacy settings on the website with the following link: Privacy settings

Privacy Settings Explained
A profile with public privacy settings can be searched for in our system, and via search engine results. Setting the default privacy to friends means you will still appear in search results, but only MapMyFitness friends will be able to view activity information. If your default privacy setting is private other users will be unable to view your profile, posts, or activities unless there is a conflicting, or edited privacy setting on a route. 

Activity Feed Privacy Settings
In the app, activities' privacy can be edited from Activity Feed posts. Select a post and in the top-right hand corner will be a privacy icon. Tap this and a prompt will appear allowing you to change a post's privacy. 


Route Privacy Settings
Individual route privacy settings can be changed on the website via My Routes & Courses by clicking the name of the route. On the route detail page, clicking the route's current privacy setting will toggle between these four options:

  • Public
  • Friends
  • Private
  • Accessible via link (URL) sharing


If an activity has a public, accessible, or friends setting it will be searchable within MapMyFitness. However, a map with an accessible privacy setting will appear anonymously, without the creator's username. This means no user will be able to link this back to a creator or an account. 

On the My Routes and Courses screen, the privacy status of each route is represented by an icon. In the following image, the icons represent, from top to bottom:

  • Friends
  • Accessible
  • Private
  • Public


Private routes will not show up in search results and will only be viewable to the creator. Privacy settings can also affect whether friends see Activity Feed posts, receive push notifications, and whether or not maps will appear when embedded or shared on social media sites such as Facebook.

For more information check out our privacy policy.

Questions? Please submit a support ticket here and one of our agents will be in touch soon!

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