How to Cancel MVP Membership

There are a few ways to cancel your MVP membership which depend on how your MVP membership was purchased.

If you upgraded to MVP from our website, the only way to cancel recurring payments is to cancel your membership in advance from your membership page on our website. Your membership benefits will still be available until the end of your original term but the membership will not be renewed at the end of that term. To change your auto-renewal settings, please go to your Membership Settings page and turn off the auto-renewal of your membership. You can learn more about this page by reading our Membership Settings help center article.

If you upgraded through the App Store on your iPhone or iOS device, you'll need to cancel the subscription through the App Store on your phone or through your iTunes subscription settings on your computer. For more information, please visit our How to Cancel MVP via iOS App Store help center article.

If you upgraded through Google Play on your Android device, you'll need to cancel your subscription from the Google Play Store subscription settings. For more information on how to do this, please review our How to Cancel MVP via Google Play Store help center article.

Have any questions about this? Submit a ticket to our support team here and we will be happy to provide guidance or help if you encounter any problems. 

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