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Battery dying on the road or trail? Here are a few tips for optimizing your phone's battery when tracking with the app. Typically the app uses about ten to twenty-percent of your battery per hour that it's turned on. However, this can vary depending on the device you're using, whether your device is able to locate a GPS signal, and even the temperature outside.*Some Android phones typically get less battery life with our app because the algorithm they use to establish a GPS signal ties in wifi, accelerometer, cellular data, GPS signal, and other power requirements. 

Ten to twenty-percent per hour is normal of all GPS tracking apps on phones that typically have a ten-hour use and battery life, but obviously, tying in any other factors (music player, texting, mail downloading, etc.) can cause a significant drain. If you are experiencing issues with your battery dying quicker than normal, you may need to invest in an external battery case or charger. 

The following are a few tips to maximize your battery while using our app for a workout recording.

  1. Ensure your phone's general settings do not have an option enabled to keep your screen on.
  2. Disable the  "Keep Screen On" option within your MapMy app's settings.
  3. Turn your device's Wi-Fi off.
  4. If you are not using Bluetooth to connect a heart rate monitor or other sensor, turn this off in your general settings.
  5. Ensure your push notifications, and mail push or fetch settings are turned off. 
  6. Force quit any other open apps, especially those requiring GPS or the use of the motion coprocessor, and background app refresh. 
  7. If you use an iPhone, navigate to the Background App Refresh settings. You may want to turn off unused apps, as this feature allows apps to refresh throughout the day when you are not using them directly. EX: MapMyFitness app does not record distance or time if this is turned off and you navigate to another app while recording an activity. NOTE: This feature should only be available for those using iOS 8 or earlier, as our new version of the app merged these settings in iOS 9's location services area. 
  8. In Location Services (iOS only) turn off superfluous apps that are tracking your location when unnecessary. If there are many utilizing GPS at the same time it could be interfering with the MapMy app's ability to access GPS properly and causing excessive battery drain. 

The following should help minimize battery consumption by MapMy when not actively recording, or when app is running in the background. 

  1. Force quit the app after you have finished using it. 
  2. If you have step tracking enabled turn this off, check to see if MapMy stops using your location in the background. 
  3. If not in use, visit your device's Location Services settings and switch this off for the MapMy app you're using.  

Note: Most phones have an optimum operational temperature. In some cold or hot climates, using your phone beyond this limit can cause it to shut down. In the event that you are using the app in an environment like this, we recommend either putting your phone in a case that will aid it in staying within those limits, or routinely checking to ensure the phone is still on. 

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