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Printing Routes

Select to View the route from your My Routes section on our website.  Once you are viewing the route you wish to print, select the Print button located in the route details box at the top of the page. 

Please note, when printing routes, only those created using our online route creation tool will create directions. In addition, printing is a MVP feature and requires a subscription to use.

Exporting a Route

Routes and route data can be exported on the site. To export a route, log in to your MapMyFitness account and click on one of your individual routes under the "My Routes." To the right of the route is a box labeled "Route Info", inside is an option to export your route as a .gpx or .kml file.


Bike Path Color Meanings

The green lines that appear on site maps are bike paths. These can be turned on and off by checking the box in the Route Creation Toolbox when viewing or editing a route. The following is a listing of the bike path definitions:

Dark green = multi-use trails (no motorized vehicles)

Light green = streets with bike lanes

Dashed green = other streets recommended for cyclists


Embedding a Route

Routes can be embedded in various websites and blogs via an HTML snippet offered on the Route Summary of any created/recorded map. After selecting a route from the website My Routes & Courses menu an option to add it to another site will appear on the right-side of the route page. 

Here is an example Route we can use to walk through embedding, feel free to access the page and use it as a test: Lunch Run 

Next, select the option to add the route to a website and you will be given a variety of options for customizing what is displayed once the route is embedded. These options are shown below. 

And then, simply drop the HTML snippet into your website's code. Refresh the page it is embedded in, kick back, and enjoy as all of your followers bask in your beautiful, informative routes. 

Embedding Routes Troubleshooting

Sometimes a few problems can prevent routes from populating your website, despite a correct code. This is almost always due to a privacy conflict. In order for a route to appear to non-MapMyFitness viewers, both the route and your profile privacy settings must be set to public. If an embedded route does not appear correctly on your site, it can be corrected by changing your privacy settings. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Make sure you change the specific route's privacy to public, as well as your "default profile sharing" setting.

As always, if you encounter a problem outside these tips, please let our support team know by submitting a support request.

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