Edit or Delete a Route

Currently you are only able to edit and delete routes from the site. Please note that these changes will not update the map associated with your workout; only with the route. This feature has not yet been integrated in the mobile app. To edit or delete routes from the site select the My Routes & Courses tab and select an option from the "Options" column.

Route Editing Options
To edit any recording or errors along the route just click a white circle on the red route line to bring up detailed options, including the ability to delete points along the route, and split the path so you can edit a route at various mid-points. You can then drag a point with your mouse/trackpad to an intersection or area you wish to move the route. 

When routing on a trail manually, turn off auto follow roads to plot a rough path of the trail (zoom in for this). Next, select the Snap Route to Roads option. Any navigable trails or side roads will automatically snap. Not all side roads or trails will be able to use this feature. 

To the left of the map will be various parameters you can enter such as the amount of time it took to complete and the date of your activity. Appearing onscreen to the right is a route toolbox where you will find options for turning on/off auto follow roads, showing elevation data, turning on distance markers, an option to avoid highways, and more.

Routing in some areas will require that you turn off the auto follow roads feature. Auto follow roads is dependent on another option as well, the avoid highways checkbox. Auto follow roads can be turned on or off after already creating points on a map for easier navigation and creation.

Maps not loading, or experiencing another error? 
Maps may not load correctly for some users for a variety of reasons, including browser settings, operating system conflicts, network restrictions, and more. The best way to test if maps are working correctly is to follow the instructions below. If they don't help, submit a ticket to our support staff and we will investigate the issue. 

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Clear your browser's cache and cookie data. 

2. Update and restart your browser. 

3. If you have any pop-up blockers, browser extensions, work computer restrictions, or cookie blocking options enabled they may inhibit site features, so turn them off. 

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