Bookmark a Route

We offer a bookmark options to allow you to quickly access a planned route. Bookmarking ensures an activity will appear under the Routes section of the app and website route menus, though it does require a data connection to load. 

Bookmarking from Web

To bookmark a route on the site access any route you have created or completed from the Routes & Courses menu. On the route page will be a button labeled "Bookmark." Select this option to pull up a list of option.

Bookmarking from Mobile

To bookmark a route from the app, navigate to your Routes tab (More > Routes / Menu > Routes) and select any route. Select the blank star on the map to highlight it, denoting that it has been bookmarked.


In most cases a bookmarked route will appear on the app automatically. If it does not please refresh your routes list, or sign out and back into the app while connected to a strong cellular or wifi signal. This will ensure your device has a good enough connection to download the route from our server. Also please verify that you are not filtering out your bookmarked route.


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