Removing Advertisements

Our free app and site include occasional audio and print ads. We use ads to create revenue so we can continue innovating and bringing you the best fitness tracker on the market. Ads are the best way to do so currently while keeping the product free for our users. However, an ad should never interfere with recording or saving a workout. If you click on the "X" in one of the corners or click on the ad and then navigate back to the app, it should allow you to resume normal functionality.

There are two ways of making ads disappear. The first option is to purchase the +app for an ad-free experience on the app (not the site). The second option is to upgrade to an MVP membership, which removes ads from the site and app. This membership is aimed at giving you the tools you need to make measurable improvements in your fitness and health. To read more about MVP features be sure to check out our Help Center article detailing all current MVP features, or our blog post Are YOU Ready for the MVP Experience?  and any of our other entries highlighting the membership perks. 

If you decide that you are ready to become a MVP user you can do so from your membership settings on our website. 


If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center or submit a support request here.

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