Advanced Splits Analysis

We typically offer split readings by mile/kilometer for recorded workouts, however on both the app and site you can break down splits further into tinier segments so it's easier to gauge your pace and effort when reviewing that particular workout summary. 

To do this on the app visit a workout you've completed. In the section that displays splits tap the "Settings" button and you'll have different options for breaking down your mileage based on your distance, including down to .1-mile splits and up to 10-mile splits for micro and macro analysis. After selecting whichever option works best for you, splits will appear by your filter choice at the bottom of your workout summary on the app.  

To do this on the website visit any of your workout summaries from the Workout Calendar. Once on the workout summary visit your splits and you'll see the following options to customize your split break down. 

We also offer a Segment Highlighter feature so you can pick the segments of your workout that are important to you and allow you to view the stats for those specific segments. To access this, you will want to click on the Splits drop down menu and choose the Segment Highlighter from there.

Once you've chosen the Segment Highlighter, you'll want to use the speed and elevation graph at the bottom to choose what portion of your workout you'd like to view.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center or submit a support request here.

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