Dynamic Training Plans

One of the many features of the MVP membership is the ability to access dynamic training plans. Training plans can be accessed on the mobile apps MapMyRun and MapMyFitness only. To access, open the menu and selecting the tab labeled "Training Plans."


All MapMyRun Training Plans Are:

  • Personalized: No matter where you’re starting from, you can create a plan that fits your fitness level and goal
  • Dynamic: The plans are updated continuously based on your performance and progression, to fit your actual running level at all times.
  • Guided: Audio Coaching will guide you through every run with audio cues.

Creating a Running Training Plan

When creating a training plan we need to know a few things about you as a runner to make a personalized plan.


We offer running training plans for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or any custom distance between 5K and 50K.  


Personalizing the plan

We will personalize a plan for each runner from day one. To do this we need to know a few things about you as a runner.

  • Motivation for the plan:
    • Go the Distance – if you want to train for your first 5K or Marathon race.
    • Go Faster – if you want to improve your time on the selected distance.
  • Weekly running distance – if you have tracked runs with the MapMyRun app, we will look at your weekly running distance over the last 4 weeks, otherwise you can also enter the number.
  • Current fitness level – based on your recent workouts or races.

With this knowledge we will list 1-3 plans that will fit you and recommend the most suited plan for your goal and fitness level.


Training schedule

Plans can vary from 4 to 32 weeks, with 3-6 running days per week, based on goal distance and running level. 5K plans are the shortest, while Marathon plans require more weeks. You can choose which date to start the plan, your race date, which weekdays to train on, and the day for your long run.


Plan structure

All plans consist of 4-5 phases with 1-8 weeks in each phase. Each phase has a purpose, like to: get started, add distance, build speed, improve endurance, and get ready for race day.

Planned runs

Every run matters and is important to help the runner reach their goal. We will take you through: Short easy runs, Long runs, Runs with strides, Tempo runs, Interval runs, Race pace runs and a combination of these.

Following a Running Training Plan 

Calendar view

Once the plan is created, the plan will be visible in a calendar view. This helps you to easily browse the coming weeks of training, and review the past weeks and see which training sessions you completed and which you skipped. In the calendar you can click any workout to see the details, track the workout, log the workout if you already completed it, or mark it as skipped by tapping the "Planned" icon in the top right corner, below "Edit."


              Calendar View              Planned workout              Completed workout

Training reminders

On days with planned training the app will send you a push notification with a training reminder, so you easily can track the workout.     


Throughout a planned run the audio coaching feature will guide you through the run, and coach you through each interval. The coach will let you know when to start an interval, the duration of each interval and the target pace. Throughout the session and interval the coach will tell you the remaining duration of the interval and your split pace.


Dynamic plan

Some runners improve faster and others slower than anticipated. To ensure the plan is up to date and fits your running level throughout the entire plan, we use the data from the completed runs to adjust the plan.  

  • 12 minute pace tests: In week 2 of the plan and every 6th week you will be asked to do a 12 min test, which we will use to calibrate the paces you run at, and the estimated race time.
  • Weekly distance adjustments: Every week we measure your weekly running distance to calculate next week’s distance. If you follow the plan we will increase the distance with up to 10%. If you do less than 90% of what was planned, we don’t increase the distance the following week. This will help you build distance and minimize the chance of getting injured. It is not recommended to go above the planned weekly distance.

Scheduling Other Training Activities

Besides the dynamic running training plans, we know that 80% of our core runners do other training than running.

Therefore we also have a planning tool that allows you to schedule any type for training (strength training or any other activity) in the training calendar. When scheduling training, you can choose the activity type, duration and/or distance, the date and time, whether it’s a repeating workout, and if you want a reminder notification.

Gathering everything in one place makes it easier to keep track of your complete training schedule.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center or submit a support request here.


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