Route Genius

Route Genius is an MVP feature that allows you to quickly create maps by entering your desired area and distance goal. If you are looking for a route in a new city, or just wanting to explore a new area around town this is the tool for you. Ready to embark on a new adventure or a change of scenery? You can access Route Genius on our website here!

You can also use Route Genius in our mobile app. To access this feature from the Track Workout screen tap on Load Route, make sure you are on the Nearby tab, and tap on Route Genius. iOS users can also get there by tapping the More icon in the bottom right corner > Routes > Nearby > Route Genius. Android users can tap the menu icon in the top left > Routes > Nearby > Route Genius.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center or submit a support request here.

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