Music Controls

Note: Music controls are currently only available to our iOS users. 

Tapping the "Music" icon before you begin tracking a workout on the Start Workout screen will give the ability to select a Playlist, Artist, or Album. There are also a few music options here, including: shuffle, repeat, and auto play. These controls are only compatible with the default music app on iPhone for the time being, so you will only be able to control media that is synced or downloaded from your iTunes library.   


 Once recording an activity, music controls will appear above the on-screen map.


You can use another audio app like Spotify or Pandora to listen as well, but this method will remain uncontrollable directly in the app until our developers are able to implement more listening options and configure the music player. To prevent these other music sources from pausing automatically upon recording an activity, turn off the auto play, shuffle, and repeat options mentioned above.

Workout Playlist

To save and view the playlist you listened to during a workout, you must have:

  • The music you listened to during your workout must be stored locally on your iPhone (not in the cloud)
  • You must have used the iTunes Music Player app to listen to the music, not another app like Spotify, Pandora, etc.

If you use the music player controls at the top of the MapMy app and the music is stored locally, a playlist should be created for your workout.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center or submit a support request here.

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