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Now that MapMyFitness is a part of Under Armour Connected Fitness, we realize our community may have questions about the future of MMF, our relationship with Under Armour, and the status of user data. We hope the FAQ below will be helpful.
What does an “open” platform mean? 
Open, for our user community means: 
Free: MapMyFitness will always provide offer a free membership level and app that provides an amazing experience. 
Device friendly: MapMyFitness strives to support as many smartphones and other devices and 3rd party apps/platforms as possible to give our users as many choices as 
Data control: Users are free to control how their data is shared, if at all - with friends and other users, social networks, or with others programs that integrate with MMF. 
Welcoming: Anyone (age 14 or higher) can join at any time. 

Will MapMyFitness still be free to use? 
Yes. We are committed maintaining a free experience across web, mobile and integrated devices. 

Can I still access my data for free? 
Yes! All of your existing workout data is stored safely with MapMyFitness and will be available in the same ways it always has been. You still remain 100% in control of if, how and with whom your data is shared. 

What does this mean for the MVP program? 
MapMyFitness will continue to build on the MVP product offering as a top priority, providing additional new innovative functionality for both new and existing MVP members. 

What does Under Armour bring to the MapMyFitness Community? 
UA brings a passion for making athletes better and a commitment to building the best, most authentic and engaging, motivating, and social, open connected fitness platform in the world. 
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