Why Should I Update the app?

With a global community of more than 40 million members, it’s safe to say MapMyFitness (MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk included) is rapidly growing. In our busiest months of activity, we see 40,000 new people sign-up A DAY. That’s a lot of workouts.

We have a little more than 100 team members working hard everyday to ensure we’re able to bring you the best fitness tracking experience – both on the website and in your mobile apps. Here’s where things get a little tricky: updating new features and improvements to our websites is easy – it’s inputting these changes to our mobile apps that requires a little help. Your help, to be exact. A mobile app update takes less than a minute and can sometimes make a world of difference, especially when it comes to your workouts. Here’s what we’re bringing to the table with our latest release:

Update your iOS app.

Update your Android app.

1. The most obvious reason to upgrade is new features. As a mobile-first company our team of engineers are constantly building new ways to improve your in-app experience. Most of these new features can be found in the Version descriptions, but we also include a handy in-app tutorial with every upgrade so you never miss out on what’s new.

2. New user experience (UX) and functionality. Are you familiar with our new Goals feature? How about Friend Challenges? Both of these app experiences have been introduced, altered and improved to align with our community’s user behaviors. As a data-driven company we look at the numbers to make sure we’re bringing you the most simple and rewarding workout experience.

3. We’ll admit it. We make mistakes. This is known in our world as finding “a bug.” Bug fixes are common in app updates and are typically covered in “revision” or “bug fix” releases. Usually these fixes don’t change the structure or feature set of an app. Instead, these updates make sure that the app is working as designed.

4. Improved security. As our products and services mature, our back-end storage is becoming more sophisticated and advanced. We have always valued our members’ privacy and strive to make sure your health and fitness data stays where you want it. For this reason, some updates may be required to continue using MapMy apps on your phone. 

5. Help us keep learning. The only way we get better is with your help. As we continue to innovate on the product side, we depend on you to let us know how we’re doing. What do you like / not like about the current version of our app? We are always looking for feedback and app updates usually include requests from our most loyal and active members.


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