Create and Edit Goals



1. Open the Menu > tap "Goals" > tap "Manage Goals" 

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2. Tap "Create New Goal" > Choose your goal details >  tap "Start Goal"

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1. Open "Goals" by opening up your mobile menu > Press the green "Create Goal" button


2. Choose your goal details > tap the green "Start Goal" button


1. Press "Create a Goal" at the top of the screen

2. Choose your activity

  • Any
  • Run
  • Ride
  • Walk

3. Choose your goal type

  • Distance
  • # of Workouts
  • Duration

4. Choose your goal target
5. Choose when to start

  • This Week
  • Next Week

6. Press the orange "Create Goal" button


How do I edit a goal?

Goals cannot be edited once created and will automatically reoccur each week until you choose to end the goal. In order to edit a goal, it must be ended and a new one can be created to replace it. 

How are my goals measured?

Goals will be scored on a weekly basis from Sunday to Sunday. If you create a goal in the middle of the week, previously logged workouts from that week should automatically count toward your goal.

What types of activity will count toward my goals?

This depends upon the type of goal that is created. If an activity type is specified in the goal, only that activity type will count towards the goal. Verified, logged, and imported workouts with these activity types should count toward your goals. Please read below for special cases of goal types:

Distance Goals: Run, walk, or ride and any subdivisions of these activity types will count toward your goal.

Non-Distance Goals: If "any" is chosen, all activity types will count towards the goal.

Is there a limit to the number of goals I can create?

No, not at this time.

Can I invite my friends to see these goals, or publish my achievements?

At this time, goals are private and cannot be shared among friends or on social media. We hope to build out this capability soon.

Will there be push notifications reminding me of my goals?

Not at this time, although we hope to build this functionality soon.

What do I do if my goals are not updating?

Please let us know by submitting a request if you have questions or concerns regarding the new goals feature. 

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