How to Cancel MVP via Google Play Store

If you upgraded via Android in-app purchase, you’ll want to contact Google Play to cancel your subscription. To do so, sign into your Google account and visit the “Request a refund for apps and games” page.

You can also cancel your subscription yourself using the Google Play Store. To cancel your subscription directly from the Google Play Store visit your subscription settings on either the Play Store website or directly from your Google Play Store app. This can be accomplished by visiting either of the following:

- Google Play Store app > Menu > My Account > Subscriptions > MapMy > Subscribe/Unsubscribe
- Google Play Store app > Menu > My Account > Order History > MapMy purchase > Report a problem
For more information on cancelling subscriptions created through Android in-app purchases please visit Google’s helpful support article on managing Google Play Subscriptions.
If you have issues requesting this refund through Google Play, you can also contact our support team to investigate by submitting a support request here. Please provide us with the order number that begins with GPA that is associated with your purchase. This can be found in the email from Google Play confirming your purchase, or in your account history.
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