Troubleshooting UA Connected Footwear

If you have never successfully paired your shoes to the MapMy application, please review our Help Center article on Getting Started, as the troubleshooting tips are different in this case. 

How to Reconnect your UA Connected Footwear

If you have paired your shoes in the past, but are having trouble reconnecting them now, please review the connection tips below.

Once your shoes have been paired the first time, the app will automatically search for and attempt to connect to your shoes each time you open the app. When your shoes are connected to the app, the "Track Workout" screen will look like the screenshot below (iOS: Left, Android: Right).

 connected_ios.png  connected_android.png

If the "Track Workout" screen does not have the red bar across the top AND the check mark over the shoe icon, then your shoes are not properly connected to the app and they will NOT be used when recording your workout. 

Once the shoes have been initially paired, your app should search for them each time you open it. When searching for your shoes, the shoe icon will have a circle loading around it, as pictured below. If the app does not connect to your shoes, a checkmark will not appear on the shoe icon, and the bar at the top will not turn red.


To re-establish a connection, please review the following tips:

  1. Tap the shoe icon in the top right corner of the "Track Workout" screen
  2. Make sure your shoe is awake by shaking the shoe or inverting it upside down and then rightside up. The shoe can only connect to the app when it is "awake." Please note that the shoe will disconnect from the app after 5 minutes of inactivity in order to preserve battery.
  3. If disconnected, as pictured below, tap "Connect" to re-initiate connection.



If the connection still fails, and you have already confirmed that the shoe is awake and nearby, please read the additional troubleshooting tips below to restore connection.

Troubleshooting UA Connected Footwear

If you're having issues getting your shoes to connect to the app, review the troubleshooting tips below:

  1. Verify that you're running the latest version of the MapMy app by checking the Google Play store or iOS App Store for an update.
  2. Move away from other Connected Footwear (at least 20 ft. away).
  3. Set your right shoe flat for 5 seconds, then move your shoe down onto its side.
  4. Double check that your network connection is strong (Wi-Fi or cellular). A network connection is required for pairing.
  5. Navigate to your phone's Bluetooth settings and forget the shoes from your list of remembered devices, if present.
  6. From Settings, toggle Bluetooth settings off, then on again (note: for iOS users, do not do this by swiping up on your iPhone to access the control center. Please visit your phone's settings and toggle from the Bluetooth settings page)
  7. For Android users, please check your phone's settings to make sure Location is enabled for the MapMy app. To enable, please go to your phone's Settings > Application Manager > MapMyRun > Permissions > Location > Enabled. If location isn't enabled, the Bluetooth technology will not find your shoes in the scanning process.
  8. Re-open the MapMy app and reattempt connection, making sure your shoes are nearby (within 4 ft).

If you are still having issues, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit a request within the application so that we can investigate your connection problems. To do so, open the Menu (Android users) or tap the "More" icon (iOS users) > Help > Contact Support > Send. We will be in touch with you soon.

Shoe Connection States


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