Getting Started with MapMy Apps (Android)

Thanks for using MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk, or MapMyHike! To get started using the app, select the app icon from your home screen. If you haven't registered with us, you can create an account by tapping "Join Now." If you have registered in the past, tap "Log In" to enter your email or username and password. 

The first time you open the app, you will be greeted with a request to allow your MapMy app to use your GPS/Location Services even when not in use. This needs to be enabled in order to accurately track your workouts.

After allowing Location Services, a tutorial will appear to walk you through the app's basic functionality. The Location Services and tutorial prompts can be restored by deleting and reinstalling the app. 

Track Workout

The app's home page is the "Track Workout" screen. If you find yourself needing to return to this page but don't know how, tap the Menu icon in the upper left > then select "Track Workout."

To customize your workout settings, including activity type and voice feedback preferences, tap the Settings icon. This will open the Workout Setup page, which allows you to change activity type, select gear for your workout, enable voice feedback and more. If you don't see the activity type you want, tap "See More Activities," and then tap "All" to search for the activity type.


Once your workout settings are correct, tap the back button in the upper left corner to return to the Track Workout screen. Then tap the green "Start Workout" button to begin recording a workout. 

After you start recording a workout, the app will track your route and display your workout statistics, including: distance, duration, pace, calorie burn, heart rate (if connected), as well as additional customizable stats.


To pause your workout, tap the "Pause Workout" button. Once paused, you can either resume your workout or end your workout. To end your workout, hold the "HOLD TO FINISH" Button. After finishing a workout, a workout cannot be resumed.


After finishing a workout, the app will direct you to the "Record Finish" page. In order to sync your workout to our servers, you must tap the checkmark icon in the upper right. You may also choose to add a note or photo to your workout, enable/disable sharing to social media (Facebook/Twitter), and select your preferred privacy setting for your workout.   


Log a Workout

Logging a workout is best reserved for indoor/stationary workouts that do not use GPS to measure distance, or for workouts you already completed.

To log a workout, tap menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen, and select "Log Workout." From the "Log Workout" page, you can enter workout date, activity type, route (if applicable), distance, duration, caloric burn, and more. Be sure to select your desired privacy setting and press the save icon (checkmark) in the top right corner when finished!

Log_a_Workout_Android.png    Screenshot_2017-04-27-11-42-05.png

Viewing Workouts

A list of your most recent workouts can be viewed in-app or online at any time. To view previously recorded and saved workouts, tap the menu icon in the top left corner > then tap "Workouts."

Workouts_Android.png    Screenshot_2017-04-27-11-35-43.png

Activity Feed

Your Activity Feed is where all content generated by you and your friends is stored. As long as the privacy setting is set to "friends" or "public," all workouts or posts created by your friends can be viewed here, much like the Newsfeed in Facebook. 

To view your and your friend's workouts and posts, tap the menu icon in the top left corner > then select Activity Feed. You can toggle between "Friends" and "Me" views.

Activity_Feed_Android.png    Screenshot_2017-04-27-11-36-22.png


To create and join fitness challenges, tap the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner and select "Challenges." You can toggle between "My Challenges" (challenges you are currently participating in) and "New Challenges" (sponsored challenges that are currently active, but that you have not joined). You can also tap the "+" icon in the lower right corner to create your own challenge with friends!

Challenges_Android.png    Screenshot_2017-04-27-11-36-41.png

If you've never created a friend challenge before, tap the green "Create Challenge" icon to get started! If you have created a friend challenge before, tap the blue + to create another.

App Settings

To change notification preferences and customize various in-app settings, including voice feedback, auto-pause, unit preferences, and more, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner > then scroll down to select "Settings." 

Settings_Android.png    Screenshot_2017-04-27-11-36-57.png

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center, or submit a support request here

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