Running Without Your Phone

UA Connected Footwear gives runners the chance to run untethered, without phones or devices. No more waiting for your watch to find a GPS signal, no more worrying about whether or not your devices are charged. Just put on your shoes and go for a run. The shoe will automatically record your workout and send the data to your MapMy app via Bluetooth (when your shoe is awake and in range of your phone).

Running Without Your Phone

 If you record a run without the accompaniment of the MapMy app, you will still receive the following stats:

  • Start/stop time
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Average pace
  • Splits

Note: you will not receive a map of your route, elevation, or cadence data for an untethered workout. In order to receive these stats, you must run with your UA Connected Footwear connected to a companion MapMy app. 

Please note that in order for your shoes to detect your workout on their own, you must start running with a pace faster than 11 min/mile. Runs that start with a pace slower than 11 min/mile will not be recorded by your shoes and will therefore not appear in your MapMy app.

If your average pace is close to or slower than 11 min/mile, we recommend that you take your phone with you and start your workout using a MapMy app. You'll still get all the benefits of having smart shoes but without the risk of losing a workout. To learn more, check out Running With Your Phone

Syncing Runs from Shoes to App

After completing an untethered run, you may wish to view your workout stats immediately in your MapMy app. It is important to note, however, that your untethered run may not automatically sync to MapMy upon completion. You can choose to manually sync the workout, however.

To manually sync your runs, make sure your shoes are nearby. Open the MapMy app, tap the shoe icon in the upper right > tap the “Sync” icon > tap or move your right shoe to awaken the sensor. It may take a few moments, but your workout should sync from the shoe to your app and appear under "Latest Workout."

shoe_icon.png  sync.png

If your workout does not sync from the shoe, please let our support team know by opening the app's menu > scrolling down to select Help > Contact Support > Submit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many runs can my shoes store without syncing to the app? 

The shoe can store up to 5 runs before you need to sync your data with MapMy. The maximum limit per workout file is 6 hours or 47 units of measurement, which would be either 47 kilometers (metric users) or 47 miles (imperial users).

What happens if I begin a run and then stop briefly for a break?

If you’re running without your phone, and stop moving or slow down to a pace > 11 min/mile for 3 or more minutes, the shoe will end your workout based at the moment you stopped or fell below our 11 minute threshold. You can always begin running again and the shoe will start recording a new workout. This means that 1 workout may appear as 2 in your MapMy app.

If you’re using a companion app, such as MapMyRun or MapMyWalk, your workout will continue recording, regardless of pace, until you end the workout on the app. 



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