Android - Required App Permissions

Camera: Allows the user to take pictures during their workout.  Pictures will never be taken without the user's knowledge.

Contacts: Allows the user to take advantage of Single-Sign-On across Under Armour apps.  This permission does not allow the app to access your phone's Contacts List

Location: Allows the app to use GPS and other location services on your phone to track your phone during a workout.

Phone: Allows the app to identify the phone the user is using.

Storage: Allows the app to use the SD card for temporary storage of a log file when the user initiates a Contact Support request.

Other: Allows the app to save workout securely on our servers and detect if your phone has an Internet connection. Allows the user to pair with a Bluetooth 4 enabled devices (ex. HRM or RSC). Allows the app to attempt to fix common GPS issues on some devices. Allows the user to initiate an in-app purchase of our premium services.

Terms and Conditions:

Privacy Policy:


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