Record a Workout

The app's home page is the "Start Workout" screen. If you find yourself needing to return to this page but don't know how:

  • iOS: Tap the timer icon in the center of the bottom navigation bar
  • Android: Tap the menu icon (upper left) > select "Track Workout"

Workout Setup

Before you begin your workout, you'll want to select an activity type and make sure your workout setting are correctly configured. Follow the instructions below to access the Workout Setup screen.

Tap the gear icon in the upper right. To change activity type, tap "See More Activities" > tap "All" > tap the magnifying glass > type your desired activity type and tap it.

You can also enable/disable pertinent workout settings, such as Voice Feedback, Auto-Pause, Delay Start Timer, Coaching (MVP only), and Live Tracking (MVP only). You can configure stats and select gear for your workout, as well.


iOS_workout_setup_icon.png   Photo_Nov_10__1_54_43_PM.jpg


  android_workout_setup_icon.png   Screenshot_2017-11-10-13-54-48.png

Once your workout is setup correctly, you can tap the "Done" icon (iOS), or the back arrow (Android) to return to the Start Workout screen. Tap the green "Start Workout" button to begin recording a workout. 

Recording Your Workout

Once you start recording a workout, the app will track your route and display your workout statistics, including: distance, duration, pace, calorie burn, and heart rate (if selected). Swipe left to right to scroll through stats while retaining map view; swipe up on stats panel to make them full screen.


To pause or end your workout, tap the "Pause Workout" button. Once paused, you can either resume your workout or end your workout. 


Photo_Nov_10__1_57_14_PM.jpg  Screenshot_2017-11-10-13-56-27.png

To end your workout, hold down the "Hold to Finish" button for a few seconds, until the red circle is completed. After finishing a workout, a workout cannot be resumed.


On the next screen you can choose to add a photo or note to your workout, enable/disable sharing to Facebook, customize which stats you'd like displayed (if photo is added), and select your preferred privacy setting for your workout. 

 iOS                                                          Android

Photo_Oct_06__1_58_57_PM.png Screenshot_2017-10-09-15-01-17.png

In order to sync your workout to our servers, you must tap "Save" (iOS), or the checkmark icon (Android), in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center, or submit a support request here.

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