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Phone-free running is now available! The most recent MapMyRun app, version 18.3.0, includes an update to the Apple Watch app. You can now do the following with MapMyRun on your Apple Watch:

    • Track workouts using the GPS capability or pedometer of your watch. All Apple Watch series supported.
    • Record your cadence on runs and walks. Sync with your phone to see average cadence and cadence by split in the MapMyRun app on your mobile device.
    • Calorie burn during MapMyRun workouts now uses the Apple Watch's built-in heart rate sensor.
    • Workouts now count toward your Move ring in the Apple Watch's Activity app.

Installing the MapMyRun Apple Watch App 

To install the latest Apple Watch app, your iPhone and Apple Watch need to meet the following requirements:

  • Version 18.3.0 or later of MapMyRun. Note: currently, the new Apple Watch app is only available for MapMyRun. If you've been using a different MapMy app, you can always download MapMyRun and log in using the same email address/password to view your account history.
  • iPhone OS needs to be updated to iOS 10 or later.
  • Apple Watch must be updated to OS3.

To install the latest Apple Watch app, open your MapMyRun app > navigate to the app's menu by tapping the "..." icon in the lower right corner > select "Apps & Devices" > tap "Apple Watch." From there, tap the app store download button at the top of the screen > then tap "Get" to begin installing MapMyRun on your Apple Watch. Please be patient and have your phone and watch nearby while the app loads onto your watch. This process can take up to a minute.


Once installed, you'll see the MapMyRun icon appear on your Apple Watch.


A prompt will appear in your MapMyRun mobile app, asking you to grant MapMyRun permission to access heart rate data collected by the watch (i.e. Apple Health). To allow, you'll need to tap "Open 'MapMyRun'" > tap "Allow" in the upper right. 


If you miss this prompt initially, you can still grant the permissions by opening the Apple Health app on your iPhone > Sources > MapMyRun > tap "Turn All Categories On" > tap "Allow" in the upper right corner.

Using the MapMyRun Apple Watch App

You can use MapMyRun to record a variety of workout activities. Use the digital crown dial to scroll through the available activity types before starting your workout. When you have selected it, tap the "Start" button to start your workout!


During your workout, you can view a variety of stats, including: duration, distance, pace, and current heart rate (1). Swipe right to view other panels, including heart rate zones (2) and splits (3). NOTE: If you start a workout from your watch, the display will no longer be mirrored on your iPhone. 


To pause and resume or finish and save your workout, hard press on the Apple Watch screen. The first set of options will appear. To finish your workout, first tap 'Pause' > then 'Finish' > and don't forget to save.

aw1.jpeg aw2.jpeg aw3.jpeg

After saving your workout, a summary screen for your workout will appear. To view more stats, check out the workout on your mobile MapMyRun app. The workout should appear under your "Workouts" list shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I start my workout on my iPhone, will I see cadence on my phone?
No, we only capture cadence on untethered Walks and Runs right now. This was an oversight that we will update.
Do all Apple Watches have ability to record cadence?
All watches with an accelerometer will provide cadence, which includes Series 1, 2, and 3
If I start my workout on my iPhone, will calories still be calculated through the Apple Watch using the built-in heart rate sensor, or will they calculated by the MapMy app?
Calories are only calculated using the HR sensor if you start your workout from the Apple Watch. 
If I start my workout on my iPhone, will GPS be leveraged from my phone or my Apple Watch?
If you begin the workout on your iPhone, we will use the GPS on your phone in order to preserve the battery on your watch. If you start the workout on your watch, we'll leverage GPS or accelerometer data from the watch to measure your distance.
Can I record my rides without the accompaniment of my phone if my Apple Watch doesn't have GPS capabilities? 
Not at this time; however, we are working to include this use-case in the future. In the interim, please start/stop your workout on your iPhone in order to have distance properly tracked.
Can I record my runs/walks without the accompaniment of my phone if my Apple Watch doesn't have GPS capabilities? 
Yes, we will leverage your watches built-in accelerometer to determine your distance; however, the workout will not have a map associated with it. If you'd like a map, you'll need to take your phone along with you for the workout so the watch can leverage your phone's GPS.
Is there a way to start a workout from my iPhone without my Apple Watch being a mirror display? 
There is not currently an option to do this. You can close the watch app on the watch if you'd prefer not to see it.
Can I connect 2 Apple Watches to the same phone? 
You can connect multiple Apple Watches to the same phone. In that case, you would need to have the MapMyRun application installed on both Watches in order for it to work.
Will workouts recorded with the MapMyRun app only (no Apple Watch present at time of workout) also close my Move Rings?
Yes, all tracked workouts using MapMyRun will be counted toward your Exercise Ring. However, logged workouts are not currently being written to Apple Health. We are working to improve this in the future.
Why aren't there indoor activity types in the MapMy Run app for Apple Watch?
There aren't any indoor activity types in the MapMyRun app for Apple Watch at this time, but we are working to add them soon. In the interim, you would have to disable GPS on your watch and run in order for indoor distance to be tracked by your Apple Watch.
Can I control my music from within the MapMyRun app on my Apple Watch? 
Not at this time, you'll have to use the native music app on the Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can begin the workout on your iPhone using MapMyRun use the music controls present.
Can I change my units from the Apple Watch? 

If you'd like to change your units for recording workouts with the MapMyRun app on your Apple Watch, you'll need to do so within your phone's MapMyRun settings.

Open MapMyRun on your iPhone > open the Menu > select Settings > Units > select your preference. In order to ensure this change is reflected on the MapMyRun app on your Apple Watch, you will need to force quit the MapMy app on your iPhone. When you re-open it, make sure your Apple Watch is connected and nearby. This will ensure that we update your preferences for units on the MapMyRun app on your Apple Watch.

The distance tracked by my watch using MapMyRun is inaccurate. What can I do?
If your watch has GPS capabilities and you are seeing errors in the distance recorded, please try opening the MapMyRun app on your Apple Watch and waiting 5-10 seconds after opening the app before beginning your workout. This allows us to "warm up" the GPS signal prior to you beginning your workout, which can result in more accurate distances.
If your watch does not have GPS capabilities, we are using the built-in accelerometer to determine distance, which is measured by arm-swing. If your arms are not moving during the workout (because you are riding a bicycle or pushing a stroller), we recommend you take your iPhone with you and begin the workout on your iPhone so that we can leverage your phone's GPS.
If I record a run with my connected footwear connected to MapMyRun, will I see my cadence and stride-length mirrored on my Apple Watch?
Not at this time, although those stats will be visible on your phone in-workout, and on your Workout Details in-app after you finish your run. We hope to display cadence and stride length on your Apple Watch in-workout soon.  
How can I get the steps tracked by my Apple Watch into MapMy?
At this time our integration with the Apple Watch only supports workout tracking and sharing, not step data. The only alternative is to enable step tracking from your iPhone Motion Sensor (which will not include steps tracked by your watch when not accompanied by your phone). To learn more, check out our Help Center article on the iOS Motion Sensor.
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