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  • Official comment

    Thank you all for expressing your interest in retaining Gear Tracker on our website. To consolidate the discussion, I'm going to close this post for further commentary. Please feel free to post here with additional feedback on Gear Tracker.

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  • Liz

    Hi Cory, thank you for the feedback. The Gear Tracker is accessible through our mobile apps. The following article will provide helpful tips on how to set this up.

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  • Kevin Boughton

    Hi Liz, that is great info.  However, it doesn't take into account those of us that use another tracker device such as a GPS watch and then sync to MMR.  Even the link you provided states you have to go to the website if you forgot to add your gear prior to starting your run.
    Please everyone with the site/ap, reconsider.  From looking at the feedback, it is an issue.

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  • Olivia

    Thank you for identifying this use case. You are correct, the ability to edit gear for a workout already recorded and saved is not present on our mobile applications. We will escalate this to our Product teams for consideration! 

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  • Karyn Smith

    I would like to add to this conversation as I also would like to see additional features for the Gear Tracker.  I frequently run on the treadmill.  There is no way to add gear to the run, so I have to go to the website and manually add my shoes to the runs in order for them count toward my Gear Tracker. It would be nice to 1) have the ability for my treadmill runs to be attached to my gear through the app and/or 2) manually add miles to my gear.

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  • Mrs Rosbone

    I agree with all these comments... I use my apple watch to record runs, therefore have to edit the gear used on the website for every workout regardless if it was a treadmill run or outdoor run. PLEASE consider allowing us to be able to edit workouts after save to utilize gear tracker functionality. 

    Side note: being able to pick my gear when starting a workout on the apple watch app would be GREAT! Then I wouldn't even have to go back and edit the workout after the save to set the gear.

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