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    Hi Connor! We appreciate your feedback and request for a way to organize your routes into folders. I will forward your request on to our product team for consideration. 

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  • Kris Messner

    I have a similar request:  I have lots of routes I use for biking stored on your site.  It's really difficult to find the route I am looking for with the current search tools.  A folder set up would be nice - I could categorize by distances and/or locations.  But even better would be improved search tools that WORKED.  (I find that the current search doesn't work to find routes I know are there).  


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  • Nicholas Jankowski

    I second this. Every run I do with my device creates a new route called RUN.  I have hundreds.  trying to edit a run to one of my actual routes is difficult because search won't find it. Bookmarked routes don't show up when looking at 'bookmarked routes'. i start the route description with the mileage, but starting the search with 7 will only bring up some routs saved with a 7 and not others. And I haven't found a way to bulk delete all the 'junk' routes. a folder structure would be a great fix.

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