Ability to add shoe type that isn't on your list

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    Hi Doug! We appreciate the feedback and request for a more customized way to add shoes to the Gear Tracker. The best way to keep track of your miles for shoes not available on the list would be to find a similar model and rename it. I'll be sure to forward your suggestion to our product managers for review.

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  • Mark DeVault

    Definitely agree with this. Update your shoe database please. It says you get your list from Zappos, but they don't sell Hoka One One Clifton 3's anymore. They are up to the Clifton 6. Obviously you are WAY out of date. Also, it would be nice to be able to set a default shoe and use our own picture, since my shoes are most likely not going to be the same color as what you get from Zappos.

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  • Dom Gaspachoandalus

    Same for me. I am  a poor Premium Endomondo refugee and I discover that my excellent Kiprun KS light and Kiprun Fast2 are not in the list, although I really perform better with a KS than with another famous good Japanese brand on a 15K. Hoka One One supporters are in the same situation if they can't find the very good Cliftons.

    There's a world outside the US, you know (we the peoples of Europe in order to form a more perfect running union...bla bla).

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  • Gord H

    Recently switched to Topo brand running shoes, which is a US company and are available on Zappos, but are not included in the Gear Tracker list. Two points:

    1. This is a frustration for users of the app.
    2. The data you're getting on what people are buying and using is inaccurate.

    It would be more useful to me if there was an option to enter custom brands, assuming the database won't/can't be comprehensive or kept up to date.


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