Vital features are being removed, web site won't be usable.



  • Michael Ford

    I totally agree. I use the activity feed both on the app and the webpage, but I enjoy looking at friend's photos on the webpage because the screen is bigger.

    Also, I rely on the gear tracker. If I log a treadmill workout using the app, there is no option to select my gear. The only way I know to do this is to use the webpage.

    Finally, when I am training for a longer race, I use the webpage to map out a route and get a sense of the distance in advance.

    Please rethink these changes.

    Michael Ford

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  • Buddy Weber

    I'm with you George.  Very sad to see the website have features deprecated.  I found finding race routes on MapMyRun (via googling) to be better than any other platform  I posted as well.  See their response at the following link:

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  • Scott Miller

    I agree with many of Greg's comments. I rely on mapping, editing, customizing maps, sharing maps, and the gear tracker.  I certainly don't expect anyone to try to keep up with all of the brands and models of new shoes.  But I wold very much like to see some form of simplified gear tracker. Forget the prebuilt list of models.  Just allow us to enter 30-40 characters, set start/retire dates, and lifetime miles. 


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  • Bob Barnes

    Yes gear tracker is one thing I have valued along with the activity feed. In fact I would value gear tracker being enhanced so I can add which bike I am using.

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