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    We have removed the option to enable Auto-Pause for certain activity types that are not compatible with the feature, such as walking, hiking, and interval workouts. Auto-Pause is not intended for activities where you expect to stop frequently, or are moving at a slower pace. Using Auto-Pause while hiking or walking can result in frequent pausing and an inaccurate representation of your workout.

    If you change your activity type to any activity that is not walk, hike, or interval workouts, you should be able to enable Auto-Pause from Workout Setup. To do so:

    • Open the MapMy app > tap the gear icon on the Start Workout screen > change activity type > toggle Auto-Pause ON in the Workout Setup.
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  • Jeff Eberhardt

    I just updated and lost it too.  How can they do that?

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  • David Brule

    Why would MapMyFitness decide what should be intended for users in this matter? What are they, workout police now?

    Give us back auto-pause for all activities and let the user decide how it effects their recorded workout. I used to like it because it would not inflate my time if I forgot to end the workout upon returning from a walk or bike ride.

    Why do app makers insist on "fixing" things that weren't broken... resulting in breaking things?

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  • Jerry Kazmierczak

    I agree completey.  I found the auto-pause very useful, even on a walk. If I stop for an extended period, or when I finish, I don't want that time counted.  Leave the option off by default but let the users have the option to turn it on.  If it turns off too frequently in a slow activity, adjust the sensitivity or put in a short time delay before it pauses.

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