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    We do not offer Voice Coaching from our dynamic training plans on any wearable just yet; however, I'll forward this suggestion to our project managers for review. Our support team works to ensure that all of our user feedback gets heard by our product managers and developers, and many of our fixes and product direction are thanks to our insightful users like you.

    You can apply your workout to your Dynamic Training Plan workout by following the instructions below: Once logged into your account > Go to Training Plans > Click on the training plan workout you were scheduled to complete > click the circle above "PLANNED" > Pair a workout > tap the workout that you would like to apply towards your training plan > That workout is now associated with the Dynamic Training Plan workout.

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  • Nadz

    I couldn't agree more, I bought a smartwatch for that specific reason, I don't like carrying my phone while I'm running, but since I can't listen or get notifications of the dynamic training plans, I either have to memorize the workout or carry my phone with me. Which defeats the whole purpose of getting a smartwatch.

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  • Edwin Knols

    Agree. I too bought the Samsung watch active 2 especially for this reason. Next to having the dynamic training available on the watch it also needs to work simultaneously with Spotify. Now the music can be played but is of terrible quality when used combined with Mapmyrun. Without MMR the music from the watch (via earbuds) is OK.

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  • Charles-Antoine Bellerive

    Yes please! This is beyond ridiculous that you cannot already do this! I unscubscribed from the service because of this. Having coaching + training program is a must. The fact that you can only do this on the Under Armour version of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is such a stupid marketing strategy.

    The fact that it is available on another device means that all the programing is already done.

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  • Emond Papegaaij

    It is really strange that the app on the watch does tell you about the workout scheduled for today, but then does not import the workout on the watch. How am I to do a complex interval workout without the watch telling when to change pace? I can't do the workout using the phone either, because then it doesn't measure the heart rate. The suggestion to connect the workout to the training plan afterwards makes no sense at all because you can't do the workout without the active feedback.

    This question has been open for 8 months now. Is there any plan on getting this fixed or do I need to go search for another app?

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  • Flavio Fonseca

    I also support this request.

    Having training plans in the smartwatch is essential!

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