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    Thanks for the feedback on the map views for Routes on our mobile app. Although we do not offer these same features from the website, I will be happy to share this with our development team. 

    As Tim said, you can change the map view after the workout has been saved. To do this tap on the route in your workout summary > tap the settings cog in the upper right-hand corner > choose which map option you would like to see.  

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  • Tim Dube

    And also on the desktop page. I sometimes want to log trails I've done and the 1986 USGS Topo is out of date. Or to plan a run that includes trail portions, the USGS Topo isn't useful at all. Most rail trails and connectionst o them I'm finding aren't available as vectors. OpenStreet, which you can view *after* your workout, includes almost all these trails. Please let us create routes and view our progress in-app using that open source platform!!! 

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