Splits Using Time Instead of Distance

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    That is a great idea, Joseph! Although we do not offer a more customizable split analysis or lap feature just yet, I'll forward this suggestion to our project managers for review.

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  • Steve Adams

    Agree that added functionality for splits would be a great thing.  A different app that I tried out before settling on MapMyRun had a "split" or "lap" button on the display during a run, and pressing it reset the displayed time, distance, pace to the marked lap.  This would be very helpful when doing intervals on a training workout, for example -- as it now stands, I can never be sure what pace I'm at for a short interval because even the pace readout (not average pace) involves some averaging of recent readings rather than a snapshot of actual pace at one point in time.  By being able to manual mark the start and end of a lap, for example at the start and end of a training workout interval, would get real-time stats much more helpful in staying on pace.  With this one exception, really enjoying the app and appreciate how reliable the tracking has been!

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