Restore support for cadence (and other) sensor(s)



  • Hugh Mackworth

    Agreed; this is completely nuts. Given how inaccurate GPS is for moment-to-moment speeds, removing the ability to connect to a speed sensor is very strange. I was using a separate little device just for speed, and I thought, "why have two displays", so I bought a bluetooth sensor to connect (which advertised MapMyRide compatibility). After struggling for days to get it to connect, I finally found the above-mentione "Sensor Compatibility" article (which doesn't come up under a Bluetooth search). I note also that the iOS release notes don't even mention this change.  

    So..I can get the cadence (and "Foot Strike Angle"?) when using "UA Connected" footwear in MapMyRun, but not with any bike sensor.  Apparently the shoe division now owns this app, and we bikers are supposed to just move on.

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  • Justin Lake

    This is the reason that I will no longer be using MapMyFitness.  It's really unfortunate because I've enjoyed this solution for a long time for tracking running, road/mountain biking, and gym workouts.  Honestly, supporting this feature in MVP would have been more compelling (and justified me upgrading) than the features that are currently included.

    As someone stated previously, UnderArmour is not well aligned with the cycling market, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at this evolution.  Oh well.  Moving on to the next option.

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  • Sergio Sanchez

    Totally agree!

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  • Charlie Mitchell

    Agree. I bought a cadence sensor and used it all last year. Now can't use it. Arghhhhhh

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  • Sylvain Korzennik

    I gave up on MapMyRide, and have (almost) happily switched to RideWithGPS.

    • Cadence and HR sensors are working for me,
    • I use the small $60 Cateye Quick Bike Computer to get instantaneous speed via wireless sensor on front fork, 
    • They never 'loose' elevation data like MapMyRide did (and forced me to reinstalled app 2x)
    • Their app interface could use some improvement, I've given my feed back to their tech support
    • It is run by bike enthusiasts (what a change/relief)
    • I could upload all my saved rides w/ other apps (MapMyRide and BikeTracker)
    • Their download/upload rides feature is a lot richer, their TCX file cleaner (yes I re-parse TCX files w/ my own code)
    • They don't try to sell you eqt/clothing in their app.

    my $0.02.

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  • Matt Barton

    Piling on here.  Between cadence and the loss of leaderboards, there is no way I'm renewing my membership.

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