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    Alisa Mueller

    I submitted a request and heard back from Map My run.

    I asked them to add Rucking with a weight and mileage count. Got this back.

    We do offer this activity type for it is listed as "hiking with pack". Our algorithm calculates METS for rucking based on how much weight you are carrying with you (more weight = higher MET = more calories burned). For men, we estimate that a "light" pack is about 1/5 of your body weight or less, a "medium" pack is approximately 1/4 of your body weight, and "heavy" is 1/2 your body weight or greater. For women, "heavy" is approximately 1/3 of body weight or greater.
    These are my personal calculation ratios based on what they said above.
    Men  Hiking 
    Heavy .5 body weight
    Medium .25 body weight
    Light .2 body weight.
    Women Hiking
    Heavy .33 body weight
    Medium .16 body weigh
    Light .08 body weight
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  • John Jannone

    Following. I ruck and farmer's carry.

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  • Alisa Mueller

    I would like to add to this request and I'll submit one on my own.  I stumbled across rucking due to a back injury that had me in terrible pain when I walked or ran.  But I can Ruck 20# on a walk and have no pain. So for the last 3 months, I've Rucked.  I would really like to see this added as a workout option with a place to key the weight carried.

    I have used MapMyRun for many years and it is my go to for consistency tracking. 

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