Please don't remove 24/7 (steps, weight, sleep tracking)

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    Thank you all for letting us know the 24/7 feature was important to you. For now, it has been removed from the site, but if there are any updates on the topic we will update this thread.

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  • David Stidham

    I agree that the 24/7 activity integration is a great feature.  I would like to see that it actually work; setting data preferences to Fitbit, lately, it rarely reflects my Fitbit sleep activity but does reflect Fitbit steps.

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  • Alan West

    Very true, I agree. It is much less intuative than before as well.

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  • Tim Thornton

    I agree. I motivate myself by weekly targets.

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  • Buddy Jackson

    I agree, please bring back 24/7.  The easy to track monthly, yearly, and lifetime stats are helpful.  I've been tracking my stats for 5 years and all of a sudden, they're gone!

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  • Erik Bodson

    Same here. 


    I am on a weight loss program, and it is easy to keep hold of the progress in endomondo.


    If these stats are not taken over, I can just make my own excell files, and I do not need mapmyanythingeveragain. 

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