More activity types on Apple Watch

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    Hi John! 

    Thanks for the feedback on the availability of certain activity types on the Apple Watch. I will pass this to the development team to consider for future updates to the Apple Watch! 



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  • jerry lyle

    I agree. Road bike and stationary bike don’t show up on my watch and are common activities for me

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  • Kristen Thorp

    Anny chance of swapping activities on apple watch?
    For us emgrating from Endomonde the this app sucks.

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  • Lauri Karmila

    This is so weird. Common sports like badminton & tennis cannot be found, but "stairs" or "upper body" or "dog walk" do exist. How about adding normal biking, instead of "mountain biking" etc.

    Yeah, I need my kind of activities on my Apple Watch.

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