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    Thanks for your feedback about how important being able to view aggregate stats is to your workout experience. We have built a new page that will provide aggregate statistics similar to our old Dashboard.

    You can access the new Stats page here: https://www.mapmyfitness.com/workout/stats

    Use the dropdown menus to select time frame and activity type(s) you're interested in viewing.

    I understand many users still wish to see the weekly totals displayed on the calendar. We will pass this feedback along to our development team for consideration.

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  • Bill Mac

    I'm glad the weekly totals are available. However, it is still a loss. Having the weekly totals on the calendar was very helpful. It helps to be able to visualize the week as it unfolds, to see the cumulative total, along with last weeks totals and to be able to see the day for day match ups at the same time. It helps me to visualize the rest of the week, stay on top of my mileage, change on the fly etc.. Each day's run has a different purpose for me when I'm in training but the weekly totals is also important. Not being able to see these two things at the same time turns this part of my pass-time into work. 

    It is also important for me to see the different activities at the same time while having the ability to filter - so this is great. The colour coding is great. Best of all worlds would show totals at the end of each weekly row (as before) for each major activity - in the matching colour. Do you think you might just add that column onto the calendar? 

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  • Barry Barlow

    The daily   stats display shows the incorrect total if you have deleted a wokout and aded a new one. the workouts page shows correctly.

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  • Philip Harvey

    Same issues as Barlow, I had some duplicate activities and had to delete some, but stats display still counts them. Is there a way to reset the stats?

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