Include Workout Name in Workouts List View

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  • Official comment

    Hey Igor, Thanks for the note. I will pass this along to our development team for consideration and update this post with any updates!

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  • Beth Prins

    YES. THIS. We need the workout list to contain SOMETHING other than the date/distance that distinguishes one workout from another. This is absolutely essential to what I use this site for. 

    Please bring the workout titles back!

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  • Lori B

    Yes! Why did you take away the names of the activities in the list?! It's impossible to search for anything if I all have to go on is the type of activity. Please put that back. It's already hard enough to search without any keyword menu option.

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  • Ray Bennett

    Completely agree. 

    We can accept that you don't need to build data view possibility into the site, so at a minimum a simple export that is verbose (sends all the columns - including the workout name) would be a great help to coaches and people working their plans. For instance, some workouts are interval days, some are hills, some are tempo runs, etc. The labels we use in naming allow us to analyze our data in those groups as well as along a timeline. 

    Please update at least the export capability to include these things.



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  • Giulio Cavalli

    Display the title is essential. Please make it happen.


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  • Joe K

    Long time Endomondo user here, and I was just going to post the same request.   The current display of "Hike" is not very useful, I would like it to show the name that I gave the workout, which is usually the trail or park where I hiked.   Thanks!

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  • kevin haynes

    I agree. Please let the name of the workout be visible in Dasboard.

    Im an ex Endomondo user also and this is a major disappointment that can surely be sorted?

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