Where is the activity feed?

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    The Activity Feed is still available on our site, it's just moved under the "Community" header. You can access it directly here: https://www.mapmyfitness.com/activity_feed


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  • Kevin Schultz

    I liked the way it was before.  When I opened MapMyFitness, it would just automatically open to the Activity Feed.  Or, if I was looking at my dashboard, there was a tab at the top of the page for the Activity Feed and I could quickly and easily switch between the two.  Why did you add a layer / add another click to get to the Activity Feed?  It used to just open directly to it, and even if I was on a different page, there was always a button or tab ON the page to click and go directly back to the Activity Feed.  Now, I have to go hunting for it, click on Community and then click on Activity Feed.  I recommend going back to the way it was.

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  • Anthony Scaturro

    I second the comment about moving the activity feed. Why did you fix something that wasn't broken? I enjoyed having it open immediately as I feel one of the major features of this "social media" site is to see what my friends were doing as many of them don't live in my neighborhood. I enjoy using their workouts as motivation. Adding a layer and more clicks to get to it is annoying. I'll just go to Strava.

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