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    You can still add notes when logging a workout on our website. After selecting an activity type, click "Additional Stats" to access extra fields, including Notes, seen in the screenshot below:

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  • Vince Westendorp

    thanks for letting us know where the notes tab is now.   a bit cumbersome to get to, but grateful (I know, that probably does not sound like it!)

    FWIW, I use both my iphone and my apple watch when I run (I have a work phone that's not synched to the watch), and then voice/to/text my notes to my phone, and then copy them later to my watch workout (and delete the extra iphone workout at that point.)

    unless there is a way to do voice/2/text notes on my watch that I don't know yet...  


    thanks again.

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  • Olivia

    Based on user feedback, we moved the Notes field back above "Additional Stats." Hope it's easier to find/access fo you now!

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  • Kara Nicholas

    Thank you, MapMy team, for moving the field higher on the page! :D

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