Interval Training on Treadmill




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    Try starting the workout on your Apple Watch instead of your phone, so we can leverage the cadence from your Apple Watch and use that to calculate distance! 

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  • Olivia

    Sorry, to update this, because now I realize you may want to hear the voice feedback from your Training Plan, which is not available if you start your workout on Apple Watch.

     You have a few options:

    1. Start the workout from the watch and get distance from the watch on the treadmill, then pair it to your training plan later (you will not hear voice feedback from your Training Plan during the workout)
    2. Start your workout from the phone, as you are currently doing, but hold the phone in your hand the whole time so core motion works and we can use that to calculate distance.
    3. Continue as you are, then edit the workout after saving to input the distance you ran on the treadmill
    4. Buy Connected Footwear > connect them to MapMyRun and let them record distance for your treadmill workouts.

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