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    @Jørn Christensen , you can view a satellite image of your route map by clicking the "map" menu > selecting "Satellite," as shown in the screenshot below.

    @Honza Hagaros there is a menu button"..." in the upper right corner of the page. Once clicked, a variety of options are presented, including: "Edit Workout," Copy Workout," "Download as TCX" and "Delete Workout." Please reference the picture below:
    @Paul Parish Gear Tracker has been deprecated; the only footwear which now tracks your mileage in MapMyRun is UA Connected Footwear. Learn more here.

    @Joe B. we're working on bringing this stat back! Hang tight.

    @Herwig Delvaux can you submit a support ticket? I'm having a hard time tracking the issue you're describing. Screenshots and links to workouts would help me understand/troubleshoot.

    @Jarosław CYRYNGER We're working on translations and I've documented your request for a display setting of 24hr clocks. There is no distinction between the MapMy apps--they all offer the same functionality, with a few changes in default stats/activities (i.e., if you use MapMyRide, "bike ride" will be the default activity type). They all share the same functionality, however, and you can track all the same activities in any of the apps.

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  • Jørn Christensen

    Jeg mangler et kunne se satelitkort.

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  • Honza Hagaros

    Hello, sorry maybe it is me but the edit button to workout changes is hidden, there is missing table, field for adding km/ miles distance , really unhappy with the changes here, after 10 years of using the site.

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  • Paul Parish

    Where is gear tracker so I can record which running shoes I wore on each walk and know when I am reaching 400 miles per pair?  I alternate shoes every day.

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  • Joe B.

    Would want to see the power (Watts) section back.  I don't use a heart rate monitor so this section is of no use to me.

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  • Herwig Delvaux

    I do not care much about "page layout, etc etc etc"

    I consider those things as "cosmetics".  Since 3 days however, the basic acessability of the site, when it comes to charing your own runs "to the world", became a total mess.  

    On Facebook, linking a MapMyRun in a timeline post, suddenly is not supported anymore to get an automatic map-&-run data insert. Suddenly, it is a blanc grey "MapMyRun" rectangle without any information.  Useless in my timeline !!! 

    On that or other social sites or in mail, my friends complain that when they click on the link that I posted, they CANNOT get to the MapMyRun anymore, but BOUNCE into 'no access to page, OR sign in with facebook' message.  That's a disaster.  WHY for gods sake, is MapMyFitness all at once exiging random READERS of shared information, to give away their PRIVACY !???????????????????????????   Since 2016, I opted for profile type "PUBLIC", and I've never choosen anything else. Until 4 (?) days ago, everything worked just as I make my own choice about my profile. PUBLIC for everybody.  Suddenly, this site distorts everything, and I cannot share anything anymore, as I explicitely WANT to do. 

    >>>>>>>>>> UNACCEPTABLE

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  • Jarosław CYRYNGER

    Hello. The detail panel is good perspicuous. Despite the fact that I took a few photos during the training, you can not see them in the training view in the new or old version, in details, e.g. cycling. Part of the dashboard is in Polish, the part is not translated. European 24h time and date record will be useful. And another question. What is the difference between MapMyF and RUN, RIDE, WALK sections. Is it grouped in MapMyF. Regards Jarek MVP subscription

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