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    I apologize for any confusion with training plans or training plan content. Our training plans are meant to be generalized, so if you do not want to complete a day, or feel that a workout may be detrimental to your overall performance, we ask you to use your best judgment when attempting to plan out your activity.

    If you are not able to do one of your workouts, please select the workout and then tap on the arrow to the right of the workout details. Click “Skip workout” and select the reason for you skipping the workout (Injured, Sick, Traveling, Too Busy or Other). The workout will now be marked as “Skipped”.

    Every week we measure your weekly running mileage to calculate next week’s mileage. If you follow the plan we will increase the mileage by up to 10%. If you do less than 90% of what was planned, we don’t increase the distance the following week. This will help you build mileage and minimize the chance of getting injured.


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  • Karsten Becker

    Ah excellent, I somehow missed that button even though it clearly is there! But it is nice to know how the system does the adjustments. It would be nice if the overview would show the training as skipped, or am I supposed to mark it as completed?

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